KEPServerEX: Your Data Storage Solution

It is now more evident than ever, the future of every business’s survival depends on its ability to use big data to chart its future plans and to make decisions that are favourable for its growth. Big data holds the key to solving some of the challenges many industries are facing today.

Having realised the crucial role data plays in shaping the future of industrial automation, Novotek has provided a simple solution that will help companies store massive data for future use at a very affordable rate.

With KEPServerEx, companies can connect different devices such as simple energy meters to complex production systems. The software links all the devices to a single interface where you access and control everything.

If you are looking for a simple solution to your data storage and also want to optimise communication in your company, this is all you need. Apart from connecting all the devices to one tool, the server acts as a single entry point for incoming data in real-time and archives it for future use. When such data is analysed, making decisions becomes easier, as well as knowing how to adapt to whatever changes the company is going through.

The best part is that the server is secure; it comes with a management tool which gives rights to specific people, so you won’t have to worry over your company’s information being accessed by third parties.

This server is suitable for any type of business. The solution is customised to fit a client’s needs. Whether you are in power and energy, food and beverage, manufacturing or in the infrastructure industry, KEPServerEx, offers the best solution for your data needs.

KEPServerEX is compatible with:

  • Cloud Interfaces
  • Automation Interfaces
  • Exporters
  • OPC (Open Platform Communications)
  • IT Interfaces

If you are looking for a central communication tool for industrial automation, this is precisely what Kepware is offering.

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