Saving the planet using recyclable plastics

During our lifetime, we are often focused on our daily lives, including consumption of various products,without even considering their effect on on our environment. There are thousands of products which pollute and effect our environment, and it is the main cause of global extinction of certain races of animals – especially the underwater world. There are hundreds of pictures and thousands of cases of rare animals becoming extinct. The industry is developing so fast, that we are forced to extend all of our resources, including recyclable plastics, and other various kinds of materials.

Only a handful of countries are becoming aware of the issue, as it is obvious that the effect of the environment is affecting the human species. Most of us are not aware of the problems caused and how the cycle can be reversed – so let us go through a couple of issues, and their solutions. Read more on

Negative effects

  • Hundreds of thousands of water (and other types of) animals is dying out fast;
  • Flora and Fauna are being changed (including microorganisms);
  • Water is getting polluted – ergo humans are inserting the particles into their own bodies via water ingestion;
  • Society is rapidly changing and going into the wrong direction.

Positive effects

  • Creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs;
  • Deforestation is dramatically reduced due to reusable plastics and other materials;
  • Human lifespan becomes extended;
  • Prices of products and it`s effect on the environment will drop down lightning fast.

We are here to become a better society and if we invest and focus in the right direction – there will be hope for the positive change in the humanity. If we take certain companies as an example – they will reduce the price of their next product, while using the same parts and ensure that the Countries with low standards (certain countries have workers with low standards and work conditions) will change as the Companies that have approved and best conditions will be formed across the world. Let`s become a better society, let`s change the world by changing ourselves.

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